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30 meter dems...How in the heck...

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The 10 and 30 meter dems I am working with have lat. and long. lines that show up as not parallel with the x and y axes. This results in thin wedges of areas with no elevation data on all four corners of the map when viewed with the tmfviewer in the fs2002 SDK. Will these dems work with resample.exe to create "accurate"(as in accurate lat. and long.) bgl files? I ask this because it looks like the tmfviewer expects lat. and long. to be lined up with the x and y coordinate axes. After I resample a binary file and then view the resulting bgl on the tmfviewer, the lat. and long. read-outs are not accurate.Is there a utility I can download that will make the 30 meter dems compatible with resample.exe(assuming they're not compatible)? I have the raw data I want. It seems like I just have to get it lined up properly in order to create an accurate bgl file.Has anyone else had this problem? Is it just a matter or writing a better inf file?Any help is most welcome.

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