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Removing Red from Orthos

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First I would like to appologize to the Admins. I created an account about 6 months ago, posted once and haven't posted since then. When I tried to log on again I got a message saying "No such user name". So I created a new account with the same user name. If that's against the rules, my appoligies. Now for the real reason of this post... I've pretty much gotten tired of coloring all of those B&W photos and the red ones weren't much easier. I couldn't find a program to recolor the infrared pics from mapquest (does one exist?), so I decided to try and make one myself. It's definately not perfect but it seems to make ok conversions (at least it's better than red). I was kind of wondering if number one , there was a program out there that already does the same thing and I just wasted a few weeks. Number two , if it's something that anyone other than me is interested in. I'm trying to figure out if I want to upload it. I didn't really make it to distribute but after using it for a while I thought that others might be interested. I have no desire to upgrade it or tinker with it anymore, like I said, It does all that I wanted out of it. Even though I've hardly ever posted here (once prior to this) I read these forums all of the time. I'm a little worried about people wanting more than I can deliver with my limited programming capabilities. Anyway, I would like some input/comments before I make my decision. (Pardon any bad spelling you have just seen.....it's not my strong point !!)

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