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Gmax... *.asm..... *_0.asm...... Files

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Hi Guys, yet another Gmax questionI have trolled the archivesI have the *.asm/*_0.asm files and from the archives understand that the first file *.asm is the file that dictates where the bgl is compiled to, lat/long I want to tweak/position the bgl to a specified lat/long in this file using BGLC, is this posible?I have tried to create a Library bgl with FSRegen and the library macro that calls the *_0.asm file seems to dislike some labels in the compiling process eg.... BGL_ANIMATE VAR_BASE_PARAMS,dict_lever_stick_fore_aft,VAR_BASE_LOCAL,(offset r22asm_quat_1G0 - offset r22asm_pvan_1),0.000000,2032.322510,575.969299I have tried reming out severall of the BGL_ANIMATE lines and finally the one below eg....IFMSK r22asm_lights_offG0, dict_g_lightStates,-1IFMSK r22asm_lights_on_land_offG0,dict_g_lightStates,LIGHT_LANDING_MASKThese exclusions then produce the result on compiling BGLC eg....Relocations found in *.$$$ "Output may be invalid"Upon calling library in scasm FS2002 informs that is unable to locate object, which I guess may indicate or comfirm the "output statement"Some if not all of the commands in the *_0.asm are similar to those that Scasm interprets, but the format is just different..... I thought I would be able to paste the appropreiate parts in to my Scasm library file, not so.....I just find myself going round in circles...... Can anybody sugest Anything.....at...... All....RegardsDavePs......... the *.asm files compile fine in BGLC

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