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Scenery keyframe animation in FSDS v2.20

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Hello all! :)FSDS v2.2 now supports keyframe animation for scenery design. I created a moving hangar door and was able to animate it successfully with the preset animation available. Only one thing is driving me nuts! LOL. The animation is in a "loop" so to speak, where the hangar door opens correctly and slowly, then at the end of it's animation sequence (keyframe 100) it "snaps" back to it's starting position and then starts its movement through all the keyframes again. This repeats itself constantly.My question is: Is there a command I can use to STOP the hangar door at the end of it's movement and hold "open" at keyframe 100? I would like to be able to have the door stay open depending on another preset (either distance from aircraft or an ADF/Nav frequency). I successfully was able to get the door to appear and activate based on an ADF freq setting, but would prefer to be able to have the thing open and close relative to the distance from an aircraft.Any thoughts, suggestions or tips GREATLY appreciated! Many thanks.Best regards,Smitty :)

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