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I need a few volunteers for LCA 1.4....

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While I have a release candidate ready for Landclass Assistant, I am still working on some utilities and documentation.In the meantime. I am wondering if a couple of people could try out LCA 1.4 for a few days.... I'm just looking to make sure that nothing seems "broken", but it's so dang easy for me to miss things if I just try to test myself. I'll read enhancement suggestions, but likely I'll note them for future releases. Right now, I just want to stabilize code in ver. 1.4....Here's the prerequisites:~You must be an existing LCA 1.3 user and have successfully "landclassed" with that release...~You must DL and install Russ's FSConnect .dll in your MSFS modules folder, found in Avsim's library~And if you're from Europe and have your system set up to use commas for decimals, that's a bonus (so I can test the code which resolves that issue when writing the .inf file)~You must not distribute the program, since it may not be the final release--another reason why I'm limiting testing to just a few folks.~Conclude your evaluation by Sunday, 7/27This release now uses the 257x257 .raw file format. The grid users are familiar with can still be used to view the 257th row and column. You simply click the navigation arrows until you can't click no mo' Otherwise, anyone who knows how to use LCA 1.3 will be able to use version 1.4 with no problems--I hope...If there's any takers, send me a private message here with your email address, and I'll forward the zipped .exe and updated .inf file, which supports the new .raw format. Regards,John

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