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737 performance question (new to FS)

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HiI just have a question about the default 737's performance.What is the Vr and V1 speed of the default 737 with 90% fuel on board?Here is what happened to me today.I put 90% fuel on board. I taxied to runway 4 ar KLGA. I positioned the plane at the end of the runway and applied brakes. I extended flaps 2 notches and trimmed up 8 notches. Then I applied full power, waited for the engined to spool up and released the brakes. The plane accelerated rapidly and at 140 I pulled back on the yoke but the nose did not come up. I relesed the yoke and let the plane accelerate. At 180KTS I pulled up but nose did not come up. The runway ended and just before hitting the water the plane nosed up a little bit but that was not enough and the plane rolled left, broke the left wing off and I saw a huge splash. :-( What did I do wrong? Also, this was the first time that I was actualy scared when I saw the end of the runway coming up and when I saw the plane bank and hit the water I got a fright becasue the sound was so realistic (and on full!!). I have to say that I got scared. Do I need a life or what?Anyway, I appreciate any help. If it's the flight model then can you please point me to a better one if there is one? Now I will turn the volume down before I get a heart attack. :-badteethTake careMike

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