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LWMViewer update - terrain files added

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Hi all.I've added support for terrain data to LWMViewer. There are still a few problems, but if anyone wants to play with it the latest one is on my website as usual - outstanding stuff is:- Flattens are displayed in blue instead of red (duh)- TMF drawing, especially with both lightsourcing and colour-coded elevation, is still too slow.- Memory management is poor. Terrain data can take *lots* of memory, and if it runs out wierd stuff happens. As a rough guide, multiply the size of the BGL on disk by 40. In general, most of the default terrain is fine but third-party BGLs over 15-20Mb will struggle. If you have problems, zoom in and toggle one of the TMF drawing options (but not the master switch) to clear the bitmap cache.- Palette improvements needed for both the displayed data, and particularly bitmaps saved with TMFs on.- Terrain isn't autoloaded yet, you need to manually open the appropriate file from FSSceneryWorldSceneryD*.BGL .- Altitude from loaded terrain isn't shown numerically on the status bar. This isn't difficult, but because of the amounts of memory needed to store both rendered *and* raw elevation data, I need to think of a way round it.I've separated the TMF drawing stuff into a DLL, and I'll post an SDK for it (for VC) soon, once it's been tested a bit more and the API has stabilised. If someone knows how to create appropriate information for VB or other languages, I can give you any extra information you need.Comments are welcome, as usual, and if you have any suggestions for the colour scheme used to show altitude in TMFs then please let me know.Regards,Jim Keir.

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