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Feeble Attempts at a BGL to XML deserializer C# .NET pr...

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You may recall my humble attempts to do what Alessandro Antonini ( for file BGLXML.exe) has been busily working on with great success. I throw this out because it's way over my head. Maybe someone familiar with .NET and serialization can turn this into a BGL to XML decompiler. I just revisited my earlier attempts when the new revised SDK turned out a new bglcomp.xsd file. No bgl-to-xml.exe" yet but I did make some progress and the results are intriguing.The .net utility xsd.exe applied to the FS9 SDK file bglcomp.xsd yields a file bglcomp.cs (See attached bglcomp.cs) which contains the C# class for FSData. If you have a class, you can instantiate (create) an object with it. So I reasoned that the new .bgl files are really FSData objects. To produce an xml version, all I had to do was deserialize the .bgl. (so I thought)As you may recall, this didn't work. I got weird error messages complaining that File or assembly name "okzqmktw.dll", or one of its dependencies, was not found.where the .dll name changes each time I attempted to deserialize. Then I found a utility by Chris Sells which gives some more hints. This revealed a more detailed list of the errors produced during attempted deserialization (See errors.txt attached) Chris's program also showed me where to go to get the c# source produced by the deserializer. It looks very interesting. Looks almost like a template to write a BGL to XML C# program. (See the file XMLSerializerSource.cs attached).I hope someone familiar with .NET and serialization will recognize what all this is good for! If you want my bgl-to-xml C# .NET project, just raise your hand. Larry JonesFlorence, MTPS The files referenced above are found in this archive...

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