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Help on Beacons

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Guest A_Delta_Sierra

Hi Guys,FS9 question.We are putting together a real quick and dirty low impact package to use for the "Sun n Fun" fly;ing next Wednesday on the Westcoast Host server. I have made the two water towers that are reference points and will construct the power station used for initial check-in.Here is a link to the SUN 'n FUN big show. (We go to Oshkosh.)www.faa.gov/NTAP/NTAP04mar18/AS04001.HTMDown on the page you will find a map and the procedure for VFR arrivals.My dumbness is in making the portable beacons/lights that will take them from crossing I4 on down to the LakeLand airport. I am using the Fx sdk and have been able to place "FW_show1.fx" on the inbound route at the correct location/path. The FW_show1.fx is visible in the daytime and would work ok except some of the pilots might have a bad flashback and then no one knows what would happen. Thus I think I better stick to the portable lights that the FAA has for such events. But I can NOT find an effect that is bright enough in the daytime! I have tried all of the "fs_beacon..." in the effects directory. I would like to limit my choice of fx that came with the standard install and only have the user place the needed bgl files in a new folder "LakeLand" within the add-on scenery folder. KISS for everyone.Which fx do you recomend to make the BRIGHT light bar/beacons that are going to guide the pilots from I4 south to KLAL?But if we have to, does anyone have a fx that will do it?Thanks and BestRegards,BobSSeems the rage to talk about the "size and speed" of each others computer. Beat this if you can for solving novel/unique problems.. ..Have K&E and know how to use it!

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