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Guest Giorgio

Enhanced offer of DOI 10m data

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Guest Giorgio

Hi all.I don't know if this has been noticed, but the NIMA server has substantially upgraded its offer of DOI 10m satellite shots; now it is possible to download a bitmap about four times as big as the usual, in a resolution also four times as good (max 4801 x 4801 pixels; that is, a 10 mb bitmap). The bitmaps are orthorectified, and a test in Ground2k shows that they are as precise as the former 901 x 901 pixels - no deviation. This means that as long as your computer can handle such a big bitmap in Ground2k it is now possible to design large areas of scenery in about a quarter of the time previously needed, and with better precision. A big advance!The link: http://geoengine.nima.mil/geospatial/SW_TO.../rast_roam.htmlCheers,Giorgio

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