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Laser Beam for Scenery

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I am trying to insert one or more Laser Beams in my Scenery. I am updating my Stone Mountain Georgia scenery for FS9. One of the most distinctive attractions at the mountain during the summer is a one hour plus Laser Show attended by many thousands almost every night.Computer controled laser beams are projected onto the side of the granite face and are used to create unbelievably complex scenes coordinated to a gorgeous music and sound effects accompaniment--not at all unlike an old time drive-in movie theater.I have no problem actually getting a suitable display on the side of my mountain so there is no need for the laser beams to actually do anything even remotely complex. I just need it to simply look like a beam projected through the air. I am having problems creating the effect of the shooting laser beams themselves.I have reworked the Las Vegas Luxor Beam that has also been used by others to create the Rotating Beacon effect. Through my analysis I learned that it was rather simple to turn the Luxor Beam on it's side so that it is parallel with the ground rather than pointing straight up. Then for the Rotating Beacon effect it was simply a matter of adding the rotation parameter.It was no problem stopping the rotation so that it remains stationary. It was also no problem to reduce the width of the beam so that it looks more like a thin laser beam rather than a big search light beam. And of course reducing it's length from the 3000+ meters down to the approx 300 meter distance needed was no problem either.But my problem is that I can't get the beam to aim where I want it to. It remains at the 90 degree angle parallel with the ground. On top of that, and more importantly, the beam aims in both directions out from the emitter point. Of course that was no problem in Las Vegas where the vertical position meant the bottom portion got buried in the ground. But when I turned the beam on it's side, the light projects out in both directions. That is great for the Rotating Beacon effect but terrible if I just want it to go in one direction.Anyone have any ideas how I can rework the parameters in the Luxor and/or Rotating Beacon effect files to get a single direction and angle the beam slightly upwards (approx 15 degrees) from near ground level up to the side of the mountain? Or maybe you have an alternative direction I can look at that can mimic a laser beam.Any help or ideas sincerely appreciated!Happy flying,Bill MolonyUnder KATL Rwy 27L ApproachPS: Attaching a screen print that gives a better idea of my problem. I have the emitter placed inside of the building in the bottom left corner of the pic. I was able to get the laser beam pointed where I wanted. But as you can also see, although the laser beam projects out of the front of the building, because I can't get it to go in only one direction, the beam also pops out the back as well.

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