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New scenery packages announced!

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I dunno where to post scenery project announcements, so I thought I'd post one here. Forgive me if I posted it in the wrong spot.Production is wrapping up on a huge freeware scenery release from SAR Scenery Design and Repaint Studios.There will be five scenery packages. Two of those will be rereleases of my previous work with new techniques and new scenery objects.Tacoma Narrows Bridge replacement:This scenery package replaces the default Tacoma Narrows Bridge object in Flight Simulator with a gMax-created replacement that's as accurate as the real bridge itself. Based off of structural drawings and hundreds of photos, the new bridge has everything the real one does, right down to the number of suspender cables hanging up the road deck! In addition, I have expanded this package to include a total reworking of Tacoma Narrows airport (KTIW). The Tacoma Narrows Airport scenery will replace the default scenery with 100% photoreal building objects and an updated AFCAD based off a high-resolution aerial photo. Each detail is totally accurate, and over 15 new roads have been added, including Stone Drive, Jackson Avenue (including the Jackson Avenue overpass), and Narrows Drive. Other features include realigned coastlines and adjusted terrain flattens, in addition to a high-resolution 38M mesh.TNB_LookingDown_3.jpgTNB_West_End_Superstructure_4.jpgTNB_Looking_up.jpgSanderson Field:This scenery replaces the default scenery with 100% photoreal building objects and an updated AFCAD based off a high-resolution 2-foot-per-pixel aerial photo. Each building and detail is totally accurate and over two dozen new roads have been added, including the entire street grid of all of Shelton, WA. In addition, several lakes Microsoft missed have been included, as well as a realigned nine-mile-long stretch of U.S. 101. I was generously granted unrestricted access to Sanderson Field by the Port of Shelton to complete this project.1_Sanderson_Field_Fuel_Parking_Revamped.jpg1_Sanderson_Field_AFCAD_Revamped.jpgMount St. Helens Scenery Enhancement:This scenery package is available at AVSIM in a four-part download (AFCAD/Rwy 12 Enhancement, Photoreal, a Bell JetRanger replaint and a file containing several flights). Features include all of the Mount St. Helens Visitor Centers, their AFCAD-simulated parking lots, and loads of details. In addition, a high-resolution 19M mesh featuring the lava dome is supplied and a photoreal ground scenery portion of the package. Features of the rerelease will include MORE scenery objects, the new lava dome, a realigned Highway 504, and readjusted LWM/VTP polygons. A version of this package, that is currently in the beginning stages of development, will take simmers back in time to see what the area was like before St. Helens erupted.Mount Rainier Photoreal Scenery Package:Features of this package include all of Mount Rainier National Park and over 450 square miles of terrain bordering the park in high-resolution satellite imagery. Features of the rerelease will include autogen and gMax-created scenery objects depicting the Henry M. Jackson Visitor Center and the Paradise Lodge. In addition, the rerelease will feature all 50 miles of road in the park for users of the default scenery. I have also enhanced the master image for clarity, reduced noise and pixellation.SFS Airpark:This package will relocate SFS Airpark (80WA) to its true spot, 70 miles east of default. In addition, the default flattening polygon and AB background polygon, the souce of a large terrain anomaly that has made the default location of SFS Airpark famous for the error, have been relocated, as well as new features such as the three buildings that are on the airport property itself.The release date of these packages are still a month (perhaps more depending on amount of development time) away, but I felt that I wanted to share this news with other Flight Sim enthusiasts.I am also releasing a tutorial that I have been working on that will allow other developers to decompile, edit, and recompile default XML-based scenery BGLs.Steven RosenowSAR Scenery Design and Repaint Studios.

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