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Long Term Request for Scenery/Model builders

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Hello all,Let me say up front this request is not urgent but rather the opposite its an advance request for ppl in the - I'm letting you know know, but I wont NEED help for some time yet, although comments are always welcome.ok - so now to what on earth I'm talking about... ;)[nb - dont give up on this post too early, it does get to FS eventually :) really!]Many years ago I founded a Nation set in the north atlantic, somewhere between Europe and Nth Ame.It is named New Eden. At its inception it wasn't for the purpose of FSimming but other reasons I dont need to go into. Suffice to say, over the years, its developed into a full blown concept. there are tons of info on the place... mapping, history, info on government and all kinds of organizations... to all intents it looks just like a real nation, which is the point.Some years ago NEw EDen had a website and it enjoyed a spell of time being hosted on one of those free hosting sites. Then it vanished without explanation as none was forthcoming from the clowns at the host! :( More recently I have established my own host address for other reasons and New Eden will find a place on this site. even a Forum here..., as I have decided to completely rewrite the layout for all the pages... so dont expect it all to be there already :)OK, finally, you say, whats this gotta do with FS?Although my flight simming goes all the way back to the sublogic days*, I left for some time then came back and so on. Recently I'm getting back into it. Although I did quite a bit of work towards New Eden scenery earlier, nothing was ever finished. So, now I am determined to do so now.In addition, looking at the tools available nowadays I can really see that FS development of the scenrey will in fact aid my development of mapping for New Eden thus feeding something back into the main project.So, somwhere down the track, I will be looking for scnery/models makers to assist as it is a very large project. Right now I am working on an original mesh so it will still be some time yet. Clearly its too large for fix ups in localised scenery polygons. So a proper mesh is needed. One quickly discovers that there are lots of tools available that can be used to convert DL dEMs, etc into mesh... but it becomes a lot harder when you want somethingfrom scratch. Still I was reading something from a govt dept (maybe NASA) where they converted DEMs using photoshop so they could be imported into Bryce for working on... and I believe there's something there for me.So if you got this far, apart from being amazingly patient, you have the picture.Go take a look, and keep going back as more and more will go up on the site. [Theres many Gigs of info sitting here on CD and in hardcopy too] If you happen to be a talented creator in any of the areas, keep this project in mind, I beleive it could be fun.And contact me on the forum, or otherwise, even if its just to talk.Who can we use, eventually:Scenery designers - first after the mesh begins to become ready.Model designers - firstly sameas for scenery, later for other reason too.aircraft designer.skinners - later on, as there are several air companies in NE, local and international.almost every other kind of work will eventually be necessary too.Frosty [Founder of NEw Eden]Postscript:Having seen some of the work on classic simming such as Golden Wings, I'm very tempted to start out making my first version of New Eden set in the older times? Any thoughts?* here's a thought... FS9 is so far ahead of the sublogic days in almost every way but in one way it wasn't, at first????Mystery?.......The greatest joy in the wire frame sublogic version I first flew was to test ones mettle by flying under the bridges and, believe me, in choppy, frame jumping, wire frame flight it was a daunting task.Silly FS9 that came at first without the bridges... wow, that a decades or more step back, hehehehehe

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