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FSX Planner build 10 now available

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Build # 10 of FSX Planner is now available at in Build 10* The 'New Airport' command has been implemented, allowing users to create airports from scratch.* XML files that contain multiple airports can now be opened. A list of all the airports witin the xml file is displayed allowing you to choose the one or ones you want to open. FSX Planner supports opening multiple airports simultaneously.* You can now insert taxiway points into existing taxiways by holding down the Shift key when adding the new taxiway point. If you click over the center line of a taxiway, then the new taxiway point will be inserted into the taxiway at that point.* There is now an option in the preferences dialog to base the properties of new taxiways on existing ones. If you create a new taxiway that starts at a taxiway point which has only one other taxiway connected to it, then your new taxiway will assume the properties on that existing taxiway. This makes it very easy to add a taxiway with many taxiway points and have each section of the taxiway use the same properties as the first without the user having the manually set them over and over. This option is on by default.* Airport attributes have been reordered within the XML file that is compiled in order to fix the issue with items said to be erroneously outside of the airport test radius by bglcomp.exe* The main background color of the work surface that the airport is displayed upon can now be specified by the user through the preferences dialog (File -> Preferences). The default is white.* Fixed some bugs associated with properties not being set to standard default values when creating a new runway.* There is now a preferences for the default taxiway weight limit. This is set to 500,000 by default and can be adjusted by selecting File -> Preferences and clicking on the Defaults tab.* Modified the display to not show taxiway edge lines and parking location images if the user is zoomed out enough on the airport. The idea is that the image will be less cluttered by removing items which you can't really see at that zoom level anyway, and will also draw a little bit quicker. Let me know what you think about this concept.* The build number is now displayed in the title bar. This will be removed once the application is completed and released.* The size and location of the window is now remembered so that the next time the application is opened it is displayed in the same location.-Russell

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