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FSX Planner build 12 available (May 22nd)

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Hi all,A new release, build 12, or FSX Planner is now available. You can download it here: is the list of what has changed:* The Taxiway Sign properties display now also shows the taxiway sign as it would appear within flight simulator. This makes it much easier to decode the cryptic label system used by flight simulator.* The Taxiway Sign Wizard has been implemented. This wizard is accessible by clicking the 'wizard' button next to the taxiway sign label in the Taxiway Sign Properties display. It is a graphical tool to help you create Taxiway Signs without having to keep looking up all the various characters used within a taxiway sign label.* Implemented the Move Airport feature (Edit -> Move Airport). This allows you to enter new latitude/longitude coordinates for the center of the airport and then have the entire airport moved to corrispond to that new center location.* The Open Recent File option has now been implemented. This remembers the last 10 files opened.* A 'View' menu has been added. This lists all the currently opened airports. Selecting that airport name from this menu will make sure that airport is displayed in front of all other airports. This is intended to make it easier when working with multiple airports simultaneously.* The file chooser displayed when selecting the Open Airport XML option now defaults to the directory of the last opened airport xml file.* The File -> Close Airport option has been implemented.* The color used to draw the taxiway lines can now be changed using the preferences dialog.* Aprons and Runways are now dragged based upon the point where you first click on them, rather than their center point.* Fixed a bug that caused some taxiway signs to be orientated incorrectly by 180 degrees.* A bug that prevented the Find Aiport feature from finding airports if you did not enter the ICAO code in upper case has been fixed.* Fixed a bug that caused some taxiway lines not to be drawn correctly when connecting two parallel taxiways of different widths.I think I can see the end of the tunnel! -Russell

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