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Mesh Texturing only questions

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Thanks in advance for anyone who replies with a hint :)New to mesh, but not to scenery design... i d/l the sdk for mesh and mesh texturing, but when i do the simple example, i can get it to go with the resample.exe, and also have tried a suggestion someone made about using the old resample exe file. anyways, there are many seasonal fles and a watermask, but nothing i do seems to call the seasons and watermask. i can get it to process the one file called in 'sourcefile' call but when flagging the buildseasons to 1, it wont work unless i call the *_su.bmp file (or 1 filename/respective filename, so that works, but only on the 1 file named), but them makes a set of seasons sililair to the summer file, regardless of the season. i get season files of the same image, and no difference with the night, either... it makes them, but they are all cut up images of the *_su.bmp file called in the *.ini file.personally, i would live with default mesh if i could texture the default mesh. right now i cant get that to work, and thats with the default example , niagara/niagarawithseasons. i kept the ini file practically the same, but include it for view anyways...[Destination] DestDir = "c:test" DestBaseFileName = "NiagaraWithSeasons" BuildSeasons = 1 UseSourceDimensions = 1[source] Type = Custom SourceDir = "c:testimages" SourceFile = "niagara_falls_su.bmp" Lat = 43.09936524 Lon = -79.0869140 NumOfCellsPerLine = 768 NumOfLines = 1024 CellXdimensionDeg = 5.72204E-05 CellYdimensionDeg = 4.29152E-05all the sample images are in the ...images folder, and i cant get the resample.exe file to recognize anything without calling it a physicalfilename, makes sense, but then the seasons dont look different unless u generate without seasons and do them one at a time... if i cant get the example that came with the sdk to work, am i in all that much trouble, or am i missing something? also, when i can get the thing to work with one set, and default, there is 1/4 area black at the top of the texture area, and i checked the dimentions, and it starts where it should, but adds 3 black texture boxes. i read the thing about manually setting bourders, but that doesnt work at all...[Destination] DestDir = "c:temp" DestBaseFileName = "NiagaraWithSeasons" BuildSeasons = 0 UseSourceDimensions = 0[source] Type = Custom SourceDir = "c:tempimages" SourceFile = "niagara_falls_su.bmp" Lat = 43.09936 Lon = -79.0433 NorthLat = 43.09936 SouthLat = 43.05533 EastLon = -79.0433 WestLon = -79.0869 NumOfCellsPerLine = 768 NumOfLines = 1024 CellXdimensionDeg = 5.72204E-05 CellYdimensionDeg = 4.29152E-05this results in the creation of endless 192kb *.bmp files that seems wrong...i cant even get simple texturing to work... i dont want to hit mesh yet... just texturing of default, and i seem to be missing something...thanks again in advance...EdGeneerEd

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