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Mesh for Tinian Island

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I have d/l 10m dems for Tinian and Saipan Islands. I extracted them and they display fine on "Global Mapper". I then converted them to what I call "dat" files using "read_dem". Finally, I converted them to a bgl using "resample". I am using the following inf file:[Destination] LOD = Auto DestDir = "." DestBaseFileName = "tinian" BuildSeasons = 0 UseSourceDimensions = 1[source] Type = ElevS16LSB SourceDir = "." SourceFile = "tinian.dat" Lat = 15.125 Lon = 145.625 NumOfCellsPerLine = 1352 NumOfLines = 1391; 7.5 minutes is 12.5 percent of 1 degree, so using .125 CellXdimensionDeg = 9.2524056254626203E-005 ;.125/(1352-1) CellYdimensionDeg = 8.9928057553956835E-005 ;.125/(1391-1) ScaleinMeters = 1.0The resulting BGL looks fine on the "tmf viewer". However, when I use the BGL in fs2002, I get a fairy tale island with cliffs reaching to the sky. (Impressive, but not what I had in mind.)I have also assembled the four Tinian dems into a single bgl, using the method suggested in the sdk. This looks almost okay on the tmf viewer, except for cutting off the right side of the island and a seam where the sections join. (Again, I get a fairy tale island, but this time with seams.) Also, I cannot get an output file unless I specify a LOD of 10 or 11.Help?Phil

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