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Guest jimkeir

Any tips on how to modify these big mesh errors?

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Hi.That looks to me like a polygon error, not a mesh error. In FS2004 most of the lakes have fixed heights. You can ask FS to remove the lake, but the height stays in place. Since you're using photo-scenery, the area's been modified; the mesh around it all looks OK, and there's a river or lake right across the problem area. Almost certain to be a FS lake.You could try asking the person or company who produced the photo-scenery if it's a known problem. Most will say it's a common FS problem - this is true - and they can't do anything about it.You *can* fix it, but the only two approaches are either horribly slow to do, or modify the default files. That can cause problems for other add-ons and requires you to replace the *entire* file - lots of work. Either way, I can understand why companies are reluctant to do it.I'd suggest reading the FAQ document at the top of the "Scenery Design" forum. The technique - and therefore tools - that you need depend on the target area as much as anything else. Is this a one-off lake, or a few square miles with one or two, or a good-sized section of terrain with dozens or hundreds of these lumps? (They can be sunk into the ground as well BTW).If that's one of the VisualFlight packages, why not look into their addon which replaces all the water around the UK?HTH,Jim Keir

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