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Other reasons they disappear!

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These wretched AI pilots!I finally figured out that to make an AI plane even get close to landing at a "non AI" airport you needed to add not only a Tower Frequency and parking spots (many thanks to Lee Swordy and the excellent AFACD) but also file an IFR plan (AI Traffic - Arnt Haaland) and provide an ILS (Groundmaker - Vincent Koch).Everything is peachy for the departures, they follow the new taxiways, pause at the holding points etc.But on the landing it all goes bad, the planes approach perfectly, get to within about 30 ft of the ground, level off, cut the power and retract the undercarriage!!! The carnage is dreadful, fortunatly I am only testing with the Baron so the casualty list is not too great.It looks as if they think the wheels are on the ground but they hit the gear up button instead of the retract flaps button.Any ideas/solutions most welcome, I have tried artificially lowering/ raising the runway with AFCAD, changing the Pattern altitude, providing inner/outer markers (thought the peep peep peep might wake the dozy pilot up), altering the altitude/position of the ILS, the angle of the glideslope but the only thing that made any difference was doubling the length of the runway from 4501ft to 9000ft but this seemed (strangly) to make the planes cut the power at a greater altitude. It seems that the actual parameters for the ILS are irrelevant for AI traffic.The runway in question is at KWVI, and has a MSFS ILS (no glideslope) on the 02 approach. In reality hardly anybody uses this runway so I closed it for takeoffs and landings in an effort to make the airport more realistic, and am trying to get the guys to use 20.I have also installed the excellent FSGenisis West Coast upgrade, could this be the cause? can't see how, all the altitudes are correct.Its getting bad, I have started talking to them...Geoff

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