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AirPortBrowser for FS2002

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Hi, I've written a GUI program that Browse Airport information [Aptbrowser Version 1.0 Beta]. - Available information : - Airport information name of Airport, city, state, region) Lat, Lon, Atis, Elev and Ai traffic availability - TimeZone and Daylight Saving Time (DST) GMT Date/Time, Current Date/Time, Standard time zone, DST saving time-adjust, Current time zone offset, DST starts and DST ends date/time - Tower Lat, Lon, Elev and tower frequency - Communication All frequencies (Approach/Departure/Ground/CDEL/Unicom/Tower etc... - Navigation ILS type, frequency, heading, Glide slop and name Marker , heading and name - Runway Heading, Surface, Magnetic Variation, Elevation Meter(s),Length in Ft., Width in Ft and Ai Traffic status (Closed for landing and TakeOff - Taxi Way list of taxiway name - Gates/Parkings type/name and Wingspan - All types - Display all above information - Create a file xxxx.aptinf where (xxxx) is the airport ICAO Code. Search engine by : - ICAO Code - Airport name - City - State - Region (search with generic minimum 1 characters to full name) Just a couple of click and you have all information of your favorite Airport. If this is interesting, I'm looking for a couple of testers. I don't think this is ready for general distribution yet, but would like some broader exposure. Anybody brave enough to try it? If so, please sign up here with your e-mail or e-mail me at fs_mettling@noos.fr Screenshots of (KORD) can be viewed at http://mapage.noos.fr/fs_mettling Thanks -- FSMIC

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