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Suggestion for Mr Swordy for New Airport collector

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Guest Joshieca

AITM has done this idea before and now the new TTools 1.3.2 does it also. I am talking about creating a fresh copy of the airport.txt file used to compile the flight plans.I was wondering if TTools could make tool or "revamp" CollectAirports.exe that would analyze your flight plans, then create a fresh "airport.txt" file using only the airports that are needed for your flight plans. This would save on thousands of unused airport listings and create a much smaller and more manageable "airport.txt" file.I am sure that there would be some trouble with the overlayed airports, as they wouldn't be listed in the default airport database file. But perhaps TTOOLS could create list of "unknown" airports that you could then go back in and add your overlayed airports before you compile.It would be nice....what do you all think?[br][br][div align=center][br][link:members.cox.net/fstimes/wetimage.html]Click Here For Weather Image of the Day!

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