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Guest christian

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Guest christian

I finally got back into my AFD hacking and I found two interesting things:Firstly AFDCAD says that the 'unknown' bytes in SCASM for setting the runway location are 'runway closed (base/reciprocal)' and 'left/right pattern'.The left/right pattern is correct, but I question the other values. In the scenery.inc in BGLC I found this which I think these values stand for:NO_PRIMARY_TAKEOFF equ BIT0NO_PRIMARY_LANDING equ BIT1NO_SECONDARY_TAKEOFF equ BIT2NO_SECONDARY_LANDING equ BIT3I found that only bit0 and bit2 are set in the default afd files, bit1 and bit3 are never used. Bit0 and 2 are only used at 'secondary' runways that are parallel to main runways. This makes me think that these bits must control primary and secondary runway use. This probably doesn't work yet though, since the FS2002 manual says that this sort of stuff doesn't work yet...I also found another value that neither SCASM nor AFDCAD use so far (AFAIK). There is an extra value that goes with the gates. It's always 0 when we don't have a gate, but if there is a gate it's always non-zero, between 1 and 3. Mostly, it's actually 3. I wouldn't have a clue what it does, maybe setting priorities of useage?Cheers, Christian

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