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Guest frankcubillos
Frank Bass posted the following in the ProjectAI forums:In case there is anyone out there who thinks we never do anything I thought I would tell you about an upcoming release of PAI files that will affect almost everything with regard to aircraft.1. We have completely upgraded all paint kits. The many of the new kits have brand new base textures that Christian Hanin has developed to help avoid "bad" paints.2. All the paint kits will include Jan Martin's new Version 4 of the FDEs. From now on, all PAI aircraft will have the same version number to avoid confusion with which version is which. Considerable work has gone into the development of these new FDEs and I think you'll find they really improve the flight dynamics of our AI aircraft.3. Most of the paint kits have new lights sections from Mike. He's put in some serious time with these. We're also considering replacing these with night textures but that will have to wait for a future release.4. One of the results of the development of the new FDEs is that each aircraft have different flight characteristics. This has resulted in a breakout of most of our aircraft. That means you will see far more paint kits than we've had before. For example, you will now see a separate folder for B738 and B738W; for B742PW/RR/GE and so forth. This multiplies the number of aircraft folders but it was necessary because of the differences in flight characteristics and to address the differences in the lights sections.5. The auto-installers will address these changes in upcoming releases. What will happen to a breakout aircraft is a new folder will be created and instructions will be provided so you can move your aircraft out of the old folder and into the new one. I don't think the impact to anyone's AI system will be great since there are not many airline packages that use such aircraft as the "W" B737s and such. Anyway it's no big deal to move your texture folders and the aircraft.cfg entries.6. In response to user suggestions all AIR files will now be standardized in the new paint kits. Each AIR file will now closely resemble the actual aircraft and instead of B737-300 and some B734 files, you'll see all B732 and B734 (examples). There are some aircraft models that cannot be done in this fashion like the A319-100. I suppose you could put A3191 but that sort of defeats the whole purpose of the new labels. Also, all aircraft will take on their "real" model numbers. For example, the PAI A330 is actually an A333 so you'll see that. This is in response to the addition of all the wide-bodied Airbus models we've just added.7. We're also bringing quite a few new paint kits into the hanger. We now have the ERJ series (135/140/145) aircraft, all the B747s, the CRJ100, the Airbus series, 4 new DC-8s, the JS-41, and a few others (DH6C, Shorts SD3-60, etc.) that have not come out of the paint kit shop yet. The new DC-9 is also coming along shortly.So, we've been very busy getting you the best AI "stuff" available anywhere. I know we haven't had an airline release in a while but I think you can see we've not been resting. We have just temporarily turned our attention in another direction and we'll be back to the "airline business" shortly.Hope you enjoy the new changes and please continue supporting PAI. Thanks.Frank BassConfucius say, "Man who fly upside down, have crack up."---Banners? We don't need no stinkin' banners!---Visualize PAI sig banner here.

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