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Guest cw1011

I must be doing something wrong

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Guest cw1011

I had to reinstall FS over the weekend, and decided to take the opportunity to update my AI and install overlays at some of my favorite airports.I had real problems last night, and wonder if I'm missing something. Here's what I did:1. I installed all the PAI Gold install packages availabe in one fell swoop. 2. I used the UAL, Delta and a few other self-installers second. 3. I loaded up FS02 and checked a few airports. Lots of different airplanes in different colours. So far so good. 4. I downloaded an afcad with four overlays that divided the Airport into quarters and installed them using the AFCAD auto installer. I opened AFCAD and verified they were installed - and they were. 5. I de-compiled my flight plans and cut and pasted the text into Excel. 6. I then pulled out all the major airlines into Word, did a search and replace for KLAX to 1LAX, 2LAX etc. as appropriate and pasted them back into the flight plans notepad file. 7. After fixing a few bugs, I recompiled the data and opened FS and set the time for noon.8. Only UAL and SWA planes were visible, clustered around their terminals. No Delta, Continental or the Europeans getting ready for the trans atlantic push. 9. Just to make sure I didn't screw up the flight plans, I uninstalled all the overlays, installed one big fat afcad with 70 gates and no overlays, and voila, lots of airplanes in different colours. Is there some trick to setting new airports in flight plans that I have forgotten?Is it possible I have conflicting AFCAD files? What happens if two airport files are active and put a gate in the same place - does the program not put a plane there?Many thanks for some thoughts. I spent several hours last night working on this (it takes f'in forevever to compile 19,000 flight plans) and ended up with only bags under my eyes to show for it.Colin

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