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GA AI traffic landing at certain runway

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I'm redoing KSLC afcad and scenery. My eventual goal is a project "Utah" that has lots of GA traffic going between the area airports.KSLC has 2 runways 34/16L&R that are on either side of the terminals that's used primarily for airline, cargo, etc. Then there is runway 35/17 that's on the east side next to all of the GA parking, facilities, hangers, etc.I've seen a couple of AFCAD files that simply disable runway 35 because of all the problems caused with Jets taxing across the distance. I want my GA though.Since overlays no longer exist and there is no real way to segregate which aircraft land where (I know that lengthening/shortening runways sometimes help, but I still end up with a GA plane making the mile or so taxi from Rwy 34L to the GA area) the only solution I can think of would be to actually divide KSLC into two separate airports.I've run initial tests with good results. I have KSLC with the two main runways and I dubbed the GA side KSL2 for now. I split up a couple of the frequencies and it works like it should. The natural down side is that:1) I'm creating a fictional ICAO for the GA side which I want to avoid if possible. Splitting the airport and calling the GA side KSLC had no effect. You must rename the split side to separate it.2) GA traffic will have to be specifically coded to go to KSL2 (or whatever I call it). Good for my own plans, but not necessarily compatible with the world of traffic designers as a whole.3) Airport upgrades or anything done by another author with this airport would be potentially incompatible.4) WHen using the "Nearest Airport" part of the ATC you would have two entries for "Salt Lake International"Upside is that I can have smooth realistic GA traffic into an otherwise busy airport without all of the massive go around problems that are created by having slow planes and faster planes land on the same runway.I want to go public with "Project Utah" somewhat soon (I have a wonderful U42 Salt Lake Muni Apt #2 done with custom hangers controlled by NAV2 radio, etc) so I wanted to gather some thought from you on how you like/don't like this approach.I want answers to things like what to call the alternate airport (can't use 5 letters, I tried), would you be willing to have an airport like this on your system. Is it worth it for you?Also I wanted to throw the idea out there for the multitudes of people (I know you're out there) that have had the same frusterations as me and see if it might solve their problems at other airports as well.I should say how I've done this is for the main airport just closed rwy 35 but left everything in place. For the GA side I actually delete everything with the main airport so GA planes never go across to the other side. I'm careful that there is no overlapping parking spaces between the two airports. The ATC actually handles taxi traffic warnings between the two airports well as if it were just the one airport.

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