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This anchored post will serve to help First Time Fly!ers get Fly! II properly installed and patched. Plus, it will provide direct links to the most popular add-ons as determined by the forum community.BEFORE INSTALLATIONYou might want to go ahead and download the patches.If you have the US release:1) Download the All Inclusive patch that brings you to build 210: you have the European release:1) Download Patch Update 4 to go to build 210: Download the 240 patch: PC - - OPTIONAL: Download the Global update patch to fix some coastline issues: Install Fly! II off the CD (It is recommended to Mute your MIDI sound in your volume control)2) Immediately install either the All Inclusive Patch OR the Patch 4 Update. If you receive any error at this time, delete the Fly! II directory and re-install.3) Install the 240 patch. Note that the 240 patch includes new video dlls, which may cause problems on older hardware. If you have a non-GeForce card, keep the tri*.dll files BEFORE installing the 230 patch. After installing the 240 patch, copy the tri*.dll files OVER the ones that were installed (located in the system folder)4) Install the Global update patch (if you choose to).5) If you received no errors in any steps, you are now successfully patched to the 240 build! If you received any errors, delete the Fly! II directory and re-install.NOTE: If you already have installed and used Fly! II before patching, be sure to delete all *.hst files before running the application AFTER you patch. Also, you will need to reset the Aircraft, Options... for every aircraft to all Trim Steps = 1 and all Exponential = 100% before they fly or they will have control issues.CONFIGURATION OPTIONSFly! II stores its configuration in ini files in the system directory. One of these is fly.ini. We recommend opening this file in a text editor (like notepad) and modifying the following lines:allowDebugInfo=1allowSkyTweaker=1searchPodFilesFirst=0Other configuration tips can be found in the FAQ post in this forum.ADD-ON FILESThe following list are links and brief descriptions to some of the most popular add-ons to Fly! II (in no particular order). There are many other files, which you can find in the AVSIM library ( These files are all FREEWARE.1) C4TO (ATC Add-on) SquawkBox 3.02 (Online ATC w/VATSIM) The Flystart utility (allows for customization at startup) FsBuild (Flightplanner) Cabincalls (provides check off for airliners) Infometar (download METAR Weather) Autoweather (loads Infometar at startup) Modified clouds VFR Ocean (replaces water animation) Fly Distance and Bearing Calculator (nav aid) Sky replacements (changes sky colours) FlyScripts (needed for C4TO and other utilities) TextureEnhancer (brightens the default ground): are many many airplanes to download. A great source for airplanes is you see anything that you would like changed/added to this list, please send a message to Ken_Salter.

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