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Guest Javier

Status on Dynamic Scenery

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I have red the post about dynamic scenery, I am sorry not everybody has been able to get the lazy truck move.I just wanted to give you an update about my findings on Dynamic Scenery so far...1.- Apparently the .S00 and .S001 files are very picky about letter case, use the tag on lower case. I don't know if it was coincidence but my truck moved as soon as I edited that tag ( it was not moving while the tag was on Upper case ) 2.- When editing the Scenery and adding the moving truck ( following the tutorial ) you are able to watch the truck move within the editor mode AND when exiting from the Editor mode, BUT not when exiting FLY and comming back. - This is true, FLY does what it should be correct, make the truck move without the need of editing any file nor adding tags, the true is that as soon as you leave the scenery .. say you go to another aiport or simply quit FLY you won't see any truck moving next time you go back to that particular scenery where you placed the dynamic model.This is a bug, you need to edit the .S00 or .S01 file and ADD the tag while completly out of FLY (not minimized ) otherwise it won't work. REMEMBER everytime you add another truck, building on Scenery using the Scenery Editor AND SAVE THE SCENERY you loose the tag on every dynamic model you placed for that scenery and you will have to quit FLY and edit the .S00 / .S01 files of that scenery to add the tag again. Once you do that you will be able to see the Dyn Models do the paths everytime you get to that scenery.3.- Alejandro seems to be working with the ACM files and the SMF, I did try what he sugested on his post but couldn't make it work. So I decided to do my own Dynamic Model and I did it, I took the North West 727 200 and converted it into one of the Dynamic Models, same goes for one of the Push Back Tractors. The problem is that as soon as I get them on sight my FPS go numb ( 4 FPS ) I know this is a high Poly problem, but I would love to get some feed back from some of you who have a Geforce 4 128 DDR MB to see if the drop on FPS is aceptable or if it also goes to 4 FPS. I also know that the solution is to have a low poly version of the Dyn model ( the North West in this case ) to fix the issue but I don't know how to make a low poly TIF file.4.- I still have to edit the PTH file very often to correctly place the dyn model on the ground by modifying the ALT of the model on the PTH file, it is not a problem, but is makes the process less simple.5.- Some SMF models ( The TOW truk for example ) has the same problems as the original FIRE Truck, it works but it slides sideways. Quote from Richard : "I think the fire truck is broken because the model (as it was built in the modeling tool) is aligned incorrectly on the Z-axis. All models must point along the Z-axis (just like aircraft models). If they point along the X-axis, they will always slide sideways. This is probably the reason."6.- It will be almost imposible to make a dyn model go backwards or in reverse, I was thinking to have a Push back truck "linked" to a plane and make them move the truck forward and the plane backwards at the same time, but I don't think it will be possible to make the plane move backwards unless someone design that plane with the "-Z" axis to make it work in reverse... I don't know. ( Biber Salsa, Allen Kriesman are you there? ) 7.- Did I mention that I uploaded the Dynamic 727 to the File Library ? ;)I'll keep you posted!Regards.Javier

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