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Bell Repaint pt2

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Repaint pt1: a little rest to calm my brain, here is the second part in the Bell re-paint tutorial. We left off in the 1st part while opening the pod. Now its time to start to paint the .tiff file. This we will do bit by bit. So we want to start off were I have marked "start here"(PICTURE 2)1. Open up your tiff file with your friendly paint program.2. Zoom in to were you want to start to paint (Click on "view" then "zoom in") (PICTURE 17)3. You will notice that just above were we are going to start, there is already an area which is white, we want to continue with this colour around the aircraft so it is uniform in colour. Use your "dropper" tool (PICTURE 18) to capture this colour by clicking the white area.4. Then click on your paintbrush tool. (PICTURE 19) Now you are ready to paint this area of the aircraft.5. A tip here... You will notice how the original rivets are made on the paint job, (PICTURE 3 ONWARD)do not paint over the original rivets for now, we will do this latter.6. Take your time, zoom in as much as possible if you want to paint around the rivets, and dont go over the area EVER. On your floating control box, set your paintbrush size down to one...1...pixel (PICTURE 19)7. I find having this set to square is the best for me.8. Now get painting, do small area's until you feel you can saftly set your paintbrush to a larger size. As in larger area's of the aircraft. You will find this more while painting the planes than the helicopters.9. Save your work regularly by hitting the floppy disk icon. Remember do not save as ;-)10. Once you have finished the area shown, save and close your paint program and fire up Fly II. Take a look at the Helicopter with floats and zoom into the front of the aircraft. Its only small, but its a start to your repaint. (FIRST AND LAST PICTURES)The re-paint Im doing here is a basic white aircraft with red stripes. I will also show you how to add a picture to the Helicopter as a finishing touch. This will be a logo as requested by one of our friends, who uses this private livery, but you can add your own.Next lesson in a few days....Weldone....

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