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Help runtime execption !

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Hey Mike,The runtime execption errors that I've encountered I believe have been related to the "render.ini" file. If you've done the default install of Fly!II it should be located at...C:Program FilesTerminal RealityFly!IIsystemrender.iniUnfortunately I hold no inexperience in the tweaking of this file. In each case I've either replaced the entire "render.ini" file or have done a complete install. Presently Fly!II is running well for me. Here is a copy of my "render.ini" file.1. Delete the files ending in ".HST" that are in the "aircraft" folder. C:Program FilesTerminal RealityFly!IIaircraft2. Try this "render.ini" file. (not responsible for whatever happens)[Graphics]mipLevelCount=8vertexIndexFormat=1premultiplyColorAndAlpha=0allowAutoMipMapping=0directTextureFlag=0[Textures]maxTextures32=0maxTextures64_565=16maxTextures128=72maxTextures128_565=999maxTextures256=20maxTextures256_565=32maxTextures512=8maxTextures512_565=0maxTextures1024=1mipMapFlag=896maxTextures64=16[NonAGP]maxTextures256_565=0[AGP]maxTextures256_565=0Good Luck,blk

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