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ok, 'splain me this?

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I'm tooling along in the Hawker, currently descending through 6000 ft, from FL310. I've been flying a while, and everything has been OK right up until the point pictured in the first screenshot below. The careful observer will note that I have about 900 lbs fuel left in the left tank (yes, I know I cut it close :) ), and mere moments prior I also had 900 lbs in the right tank. But suddenly my right tank sprang up to around 2600 lbs, which you can see in this screenshot. Yet all throughout the flight, my fuel usage was identical for boht engines (I was paying attention to it).This of course did some very bad things to the a/c's handing. At 150 KIAS, it took full aileron and near full rudder deflection to maintain level flight, due presumably to the extra few thousand lbs on one wing. But oddly, it took right deflection, which seems backwards to me, if it's the right side tank that's heavier. At my desired landing speed of 122 KIAS, I could not quite maintain level flight - I landed a bit fast at perhaps 135 KIAS to have sufficient control authority.Anyway, I'm curious on just what happened. The damage report window reported "no damage" to the plane. I finally managed to land with about 650 lbs in the left tank. (This was very tiring, since I have a force feedback joystick, and I spent the last 10 minutes fighting for every bit of right roll I could muster).The last pic is my plane stopped on the runway (after a very stressful landing). It's tilted a lot just sitting there :)John/madmax

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