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Guest Ken_Salter

I have borrowed the post from the MSFS forum by Scott Brazell, since it applies here:"As most of you should be aware, performance of the forums has become more critical as of late and this forces us to take more proactive steps in trying to help the forums the best we can. If you want to display an image to show off a really nice shot, simulated or real, it needs to go in the screenshot forum as this is where people expect to find large images. On the other hand, support issues that require the use of an image to explain shouldn't go in the screenshot forum but rather the associated forum the support question belongs in. So, simply put, if your post needs an image to help explain what you are trying to convey, then you should post it in this forum. But just showing images from products or sharing your favorite screenshot should be posted to the screenshot forum.Now, obviously, just like the screenshot forum, certain limitations should be still followed in this forum or else we are right back at the same problem with slowdowns in this forum. An explanation post shouldn't really need a bunch of images displayed in the one post and please follow the same size restriction we have for the screenshot forum. Images wider than 800 pixels will likely be removed when we see them. All we ask is everyone try to be reasonable and respectful to our wishes and the many people that aren't fortunate enough to have high-speed connections. When we see people routinely abusing the posting of images, then we are forced to tighten the rules. And this doesn't matter whether you upload the image to our server or you link to it off another server. If you want to share a really large image off your server, just point people to the page where you have the images. Images posted in this forum that don't follow the above policy will be removed and possibly the thread removed if needed without an explanation."Besides, we need more Fly! II screen shots in the screen shot forum!If you have any questions, please contact myself or Scott.Thanks,[h3]Ken Salter (aka SaltyDog)[/h3]MSFS & Fly! Forum Moderator[link:http://www.grid.org/services/teams/team.htm?id=5E79C613-0A60-4A3B-BDC1-F9EE49F2D4FE]Join the AVSIM Online Cancer Fight!!Original post link: http://forums.avsim.com/dcboard.php?az=sho..._id=83495&page=

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