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Fonchy,There appear to be 2 issues here.First, with that big ravine showing it may be that your imported dem data doesn't quite reach the edge of the tile.The 2nd issue is one that catches a lot of people out.It depends if you have podded your scenery or not.If you are running from the directory, then it doesn't apply (yet).When the Fly! editor imports dems, either with a scenery image, or without, it applies the dem data to the surrounding tiles as well to make the borders match up.For each Globe Tile, there are 4 .trn files.These contain the elevations and image data.the 4 terrain files are in this order:G10 G11G00 G01Say you were applying dems to tile 254:159;The following tiles are also affected:253:160 254:160 255:160253:159 *254:159* 255:159253:158 254:158 255:158The .trn files in the surrounding Globe Tiles that have a contact with the Globe Tile that you are interested in have their elevations interpolated to fit.This means that for 253:158 (above example) the G11 file will be created. For 253:159 both the G01 and G11 files will be created, and so on around your tile.If you POD your tile, then you should include these surrounding .trn files as well.The only other point to mention is to get a dem coverage a bit larger all round than your Globe Tile.Whole Globe tiles, or multiples,(in a square) are the best way to import dem data.A great tutorial is by Nick Curcio called Terrain tutor, or something like that. It should be in the library. If not, drop me an email and I'll send it to you.Great Scenery, BTW :-)Colin

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