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Guest Shalomar

Malibu bugs in FLY 2

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Guest Shalomar

Donny AKA ShalomarFly 2 ROCKS!!!This is what I came up with in the Malibu. Some of these bugs may only occur when switching from certain aircraft types. I have never flown Dragonfly.I present this list not to complain but so developers can make a great simulation even greater. In a previous post I mentioned magnetos. THAT BUG HAS ALREADY BEEN FIXED! (Check malibu/Navoho magnetos thread.) The computer I fly on is not on the internet so I have not tried this fix yet.First, glaring bugs that affect usabilaty of plane to some extent.Malibu moves with parking brake on during runup.Yaw damper does not keep ball centered.Autopilot rocker switch messed up, ROTW mentioned in Senaca manual. Plane entered a descent when I tried it but did not respond to further presses or capture altitude.Autopilot only seems to work when flight director selected. With FD on it will function before being tested, though if you activate it from the keyboard it will run through test cycle and activate second time "A" key is pressed.Emergency gear extension handle inop. The checklist to use this includes pulling Hydraulic pump circuit breaker so it would be nice to activate that too. Does anyone know if the real-world Malibu has a gear horn silencer? I couldn't find it, functional or not. Maybe it could be a global key command?Low fuel pressure light does not come on till engine dies. WORSE,Fuel pump will not refill collector if it empties. If you lunch (or play "TEST PILOT" like me!) and the engine dies you are out of luck no matter how much fuel is in other tank. I tried mapping "engine prime" to my keyboard and it put some fuel in the collector about the third time I tried it but I couldn't ever get it to work again so I'm not sure. There are supposed to be pumps linked to the fuel selector to avoid this problem. Fuel, inst and SOME other engine monitor digital readout buttons inop.Seemingly poor braking below 40 knots.ROTW Navigator display from Seneca does not work for me in any plane but Seneca.The folowing are less important but noticeable:ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: (Where do I begin?)Voltage INCREASES TO 28 VOLTS when cranking engine, I think because of cranking RPM alternators produce juice in FLY 2. HEY, TRI INVENTED PERPETUAL MOTION!!! With both alternators off battery dies after 19 minutes of cranking. I wish my car could do that. (I put a speaker on the mouse, turned up the volume and went away, I DO TOO have a life!)Voltage stays at 24 volts till battery dies. The only time low voltage light comes on is if you drain battery with engine running then turn on one alternator. There is no dimming of lights or degradation of avionics performance before dead battery.Gear warning light does not come on during gear cycle.Zero fuel flow pump on mixture full rich.Gear warning light on annunciator does not illuminate during gear cycle.Day/night selector for annunciators seems to have no effect.DME switch has extra nonfuncional setting, maybe off???Low oil pressure light comes on at idle, I am not sure if that is right.Fuel imbalance light comes on at 5 gallons difference, maximum permissable is 10 according to FLY 2 manual.

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