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Guest ben_

squawkbox 3.2 challenges

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Guest ben_

As somebody who has generally gone over to the dark side, I have only recently reinstalled fly2 for occassional flights.I wanted to have a minimal fly2 setup.I think the environment from Infometar combined with Skyfire20 is a great easy setup.I saw Sqwarkbox32 was released so I thought I would try - CTD immediately :-)OK after approx an extra 220MB of mainly ROTW aircraft I think I have it.For those who are interested..sb 3.2 install log:On installing sb32 directly to fly2 folder, CTD SO...FILE NEEDS EXTRA CTDInstall_SquawkBox32 NO YES " YES! (see below) NONB: A: Ive tried to pick up problems encountered to be solved one plane at a time. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////// If you install in a differnt order to me you may find some needed files are missing.B: I'm not sure if this is neceassay but most changes seem to need it.So just in case -open the fly.ini file which is in your fly IIsystem folder, make sure there's a line in the ini file which reads: SEARCHPODFILESFIRST=0C: Dynamic parts Different aircraft have different versions of DYNAMICPARTS_V20.dll in ...modulespc folder DYNPARTS.TXT in ...modulespc folder _V20 came with the SenecaV _v10 (earlier) came with the P51Although I assume you should use the latest from the SenecaV, I don't really know. Probably best to check with ROTW (Rest Of the World) website - if you haven't checked out this site you must! Most of the addon aircraft and updated SB>3 have been done by this fantastic collection of pilots, programmers, painters, etc.1: Unzip 3.2 to temp folder 1.1: Read AI aircraft needed in temphowtoSquawkBoxAI library listing2: 215 MB EXTRA downloads now required - see aircraft list above3: Installing aircraftAIRCRAFT DLL NEEDS CTD EXTRA -------------------------------------------------------------------B707d.zipb727a_fly2.zipb737v20.ZIPairfrance737500.zipeasyjet737-500.zipB1900d.zip YES " YES ac_default_fix2.zip NO fixes but dll size added is large 2 237kb EA -AC_default_autothrottle.dll -AC_default_autothrottle.dll 1 YES(2) even though tony cervone says ac_defaultFix.POD is not needed Fly! won't start without it. PRO: C172 clock readable CON: New aircraft centres Sahara - GOOD Pilatus- (Not for me)AS-365N2v110.pod 1 - dauphin.dllP51BC_x.pod (4x + smoke.pod) 12 P51BC_P65_DLL.zip - DynamicModel_10.dll 23nov02 - DynamicModel_10.dll 13oct02 - P51xxx.dllPA19 (pa19_20, Pa19_21, Pa19_22, Pa19_23) 4 4 epd files in Aircraft folder - NOT 4 -NOTE{ I DIDN'T USE ANY PA19 DLLs -SEEMS ok) - One is an internal camera - The second is a helper for landings (F12 key) ( ms sb uses F12 for 2ry voice -so I;ve not used it) - dll set a random weather for pa19 with light winds and light guts. (seems not a god idea to me for general use? untested)saab340_beta2.zip 1 saab340_beta2.POD 8 - sf34.dll,ead..,ehsi,apmonitor,edc..fly2_ac_seneca_v_v1.zip 2 pod files folder - Seneca V_v1.POD / aircraft - GlassCkpt_NAV_V10.pod / aircraft - AIRPVARMAG.pod / SYSTEM 9 dlls.zip - DYNAMICPARTS_V20.dll in ...modulespc folder - etc 1 - DYNPARTS.TXT in ...modulespc folderStaggerwing stagd17_v1.zip 2 STAG_P1_V1.pod, STAG_P2_V1.pod 1 /MODULE/PC/CIRCULARTIMER2.DLLTBMv1.zip tbm700_v1.pod 1 3 tbm...dlleurofighter_typhoon.zip 1 eurofighter_typhoon.pod 1 dynamic prt2 ( ? ADD TO txt file?)A bit confusing but hopefully of help to someone.

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