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Guest jonpoint

Small adventure (retry with better pix)

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Sorry about the last one! My monitor is very bright and is calibrated to it's environment. Obviously, most PC screens cannot give that level of brightness and contrast and rely on less dynamic range in the image being displayed. My apologies. Here goes again:A (small) adventure. Went looking for some screen shots last night. Planned to take some old folks down the city to seethe gardens in Fall. 6AM. Running late (as usual) ;) Crap! There's the bus full of old folks - and Mike, speeding away with thumbs up! Must be sneakin' back to that new girl of his. How DOES he afford a Benz? my favourite parking spot. Hmmmm, new tree! on. Coffee down the hatch. Flight plan sorted. Mike's done the checklist. Supposed to be rain coming. Looks fine from here(famous last words). Ken's smilin'! Quick peek out the door - still there. Nice garden...'s go! Looks kinda gloomy huh? Lotsa dew on the plane. And where's the ground crew? OK. GC skinning knuckles and pumpin' gas! Covers on, doors secure. Kick her over and presto! Just like the book says! the simplicity of Unicom - we're outta here! cows look darn close to the runway to me, I hope the new 'Drisco-Link' fence keeps them off it! quick rumble down to the runway, final checks OK, blast Unicom and 'Seattle here we come!' err, well not long after that, and just about when I was lining up for some good passing shots of Mt. Rainier, the good ol' FU3 Weather Engine kicked in didn't it? A bit of patchy cloud then - whiteout. This continued but got worse with bad winds and turbulence. I think some passengers even threw up! Then I followed Seattle ATC up and down all over the place before finally making it over the threshold, and getting lost before parking. With the weather so lousy, I got no new shots down there so the oldies pic-nicked at the community hall and we went back. The return journey was exactly the reverse except for a brief minute early onwhere the cloud (and rain) gave up a bit. I much prefer VFR for screenshots! the time I got back, the sun was shining and you wouldn't have known the difference! Lucky, not a hope of finding THIS place in bad weather! Green blinking light or not, I'd be spending the night at The Dalles! day I'll get the complete travelogue! Unfortunately, I can't resist using the weather effects to 100%. Sorry.(Still) Love this sim :-)Jon Point*************************(*************************

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