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Yesterday I uploaded a new version of FIXMIP but didn't have timeto post to AVSIM. This upload is a mixed bag of stuff for roads (two cars and a sign) and a new version of FIXMIP.This version has been tested on my home computer for about a week without problems, but please let me know if there are any! ;)New features: Replaces MAKEMIP - now you can generate MIP files without DOS. New method of creating distant textures - sharper, truer colours Greater control over colour biasing Option not to repalettise but simply create MIP Greater control over transparency - other colours can be set to transparency and degree of transparency can be controlled. I have dropped the restriction on 87A GIF files only. This doesn't mean it will work with all other GIFs, you have to assess the results yourself as to whether other GIF formats give adequate results.Plus the previous features: repalettising SANFRAN/SEATTLE (or vice versa) generating correctly palettised MIPS from original GIFS.It has been tested with combinations of length and width of 128 and 256 pixel, but should work for all sizes.The two cars are a Mazda 323 hatchback and a Ferrari. I actually own one of these two glamour machines :-kewl See ya later,Robert

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