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Upgrade options - looking for anyone's input - especial

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I have been thinking about extending my PC life with Powerleap 1.4 celeron upgrade ( probably $200.00 when they come out ), but I now given a full CPU/MBoard/Mem upgrade stronger consideration.What I am considering :$200 AMD ATHLON XP 2000+ 1.67GHZ SOCKET-A RETAIL $ 90 Asus A7S333 SKT A $160 512MB PC2700/333 DDR 333$ 40 Case : CodeGen 6039L With USB Crome ( 300Watt PS )$ 90 install----$580 total + taxWhat I have :Dell XPS P3 1gz ( will be able to sell on ebay for >$100 just sold my old P3-600 for $130 )100mhz FrontSideBus SE-BX ? motherboard640 MB 100 SDRAMI would be keeping my Geforce 3-64MB for now and wait for GF4-4400 price to drop more.1. So - anyone outwith a simliar AMD setup ?2. How does it run FS2002?3. Will I get a big jump in performance over my old MB/P3-1gz ?4. Does AMD CPU outperform a P4 at the same clockspeed?5. Have I left a CPU upgrade path with the AMD motherboard above?6. Ease of upgrade - I want to bring this box home from the retailerand plug my usb cable modem back in and have it work from the get go. Is this upgrade a no brainer for a good computer store?Really appreciate your tips, experiences, thoughts - I onlyget once chance at an upgrade or my wife will kill me ( I justbartered for a whole GoFlight rack so I pushing it as it is )Thanks,Myles

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