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S6T trial US livery

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Folks,As per the two emails I've received, I tried some combinations last night and I have decided to:1. Remove the red from the nose area.2. Remove the stripes from the wheel spats.3. Colour just the elevators red, not the entire tailplane.Notes:* No, doing the entire fuselage red looks tacky. I can't get a smooth look to it - just looks like a big red furball. Or, like the tailplane does now...* Same goes for the wings.* The red wingtips will stay.* White spinner, white prop. Could change the prop stripes to red, although they'll be blue in Sanfran/UKS unless I include a separate prop file for Sanfran/UKS.* The callsign IS legitimate, although currently unallocated. I checked and even applied for it to make sure, although I backed out once I found that I could reserve it! There are plenty of "N4..." regos if you search for them!* Yes I could do blue, but Stemme's 'colour' is red. If anyone wants the hi-res textures to play with, let me know.I will be releasing a 'build file' set for those that want to play around themselves. This is taking some time to prune out the rubbish.:-waveRegards,Jon Point

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