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Guest fu3

Non-packaged items and FLED

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Guest fu3

Dear All,If you play with FLED or create your own packages, a stumbling block for many is the existing LGS models that are either in the wrong place, or right where something else should be ;)If you edit these yourself, everyone else has a major issue with it. Also, it is hard to reset heights easily as one must find all of the models or you'll have some sunk into the ground or floating above it :-(I thought I'd share a little secret and also explain how it all got there to start with.The secret is, you DON'T have to jiggle every model to make it sit right IF it's in a package. You merely open the package in FLED, save and close - everything will be sitting on the ground! So, what about the LGS-placed models?There are two things that you can do. You can use Andre's FledViewer and go open the .mod files in the models folder OR what I do is:Check the tile in FLED. Say it is 'AFAJ'. Create a new package called 'PKAFAJ', save and exit FLED. Now, find the 'afaj.mod' file in the regionsmodels folder, cut it and paste into the 'PKAFAJinnerseattlemodels folder.Voila! You can now open this package in FLED (automatically resetting all of the heights) and select and delete as necessary. If you want to distribute your changes, either just upload the .mod files, or the entire package folder.This has saved me years of trying to reset old objects and, using FledViewer, allows me to remove ugly and inappropriate models (i.e. toycrd0.bin - the oversized 4WD etc).When you have finished editing, either leave the package in the folder, or cut the .mod file and paste it back to the original models folder.:-waveRegards,Jon Point

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