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Their is a way

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Guest colsie12

I have done my FU3 research and I have come across the head designer for FU3. The man is gentlemen and told me a few secrets we keep asking.First of all world scenery it is possible. He himself has it fully he can fly from anywhere in the world to anywhere else. He is just not allowed to release it. I shall explin. EA were very uncareing about FU3 and LG shut the FU project down becuase of disappointing sales. Now to try and get things a bit better he approached the LG and CG seniors with photo real world scenery (thats for everywhere)and they rejected it as they could not afford the rpoduction cost of releaseing it, yet EA claim its copyright. He created it and EA refuse him permission to release it and so he is the only person with it. He said it would retail if released for $20 (US). I hope that answers our questions about scenery.And know we find out we are geniouses (no really). The LG senior management designed the FU3 code so that we could not create third party add-ons. He told me hidden in that sim is thousands of lines of code that if decifered could allow us to recreate this sim.The important one though is the scenery. The FLED package has built in restrictions that we can get around but did not tell me how, he said just find out. So we can doa lot we do not know of yet.I also asked him about the clouds and he said the clouds are a mistake the designers were lazy and bikering by the time the weather code had been written, the animations went down hill at that point as LG moved many animators from FU to other projects. ffectively he said LG and EA do not care or understand about the flight sims. They just were useinf FU3 to make a quick buck.That is all he could tell me, telling me anymore could infrindge upon copyright.

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