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Guest fu3

Apex Airpark fix for Seattle 2008

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Guest fu3

Folks,Those of you wishing to use Apex Airpark can now do so! I have uploaded a fix to the Avsim library to do this.Apex was originally left out of the flattened airport set but the old airport and packages were included with the update (sorta by mistake but also to hold the AI together...). Updating the strip won't affect the total number of airports as it was already there, so if you happen to like the airstrip, it's OK to update it and use it.http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/182730.jpgAnd, as to the "why did you include WAKW & BGL and leave S42 (Apex) out?" question, it was because I find these places far more interesting to fly into and out of. Bigger is not always better ;)Which brings me to the last point, that I must clarify for some users: If you want to help, please do, but don't send me zipped packages and airports unless I ask for them. Testing them is a nightmare, as I have to remove my stuff first, then put it all back. If you modify a package and wish to post it, go ahead. You do not need my/Chris's permission. This is the beauty of freeware.BTW, emailing me with individual requests is not helping. Please post them here instead. I am not going to on-post someone else's requests. In this day and age, I cannot accept that you can't get an Avsim login working. I often post forum messages from airport waiting lounges and shopping malls :-rollPS I received an email entitled 'to the moderator, avsim forums'. I am not a moderator and have no connection with Avsim. Your questions and suggestions are best aimed at those folks but I suggest that you fix the spelling first - it's hard to take someone seriously when they don't even use capitals for your name ('To' and 'Avsim' also use capitals...) :-lolRegards,Jon Point

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