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Guest yardenbe

very sad news about EuroFlight group

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Dear all Flightsimmers,On monday, June 3rd. 2002, EuroFlight's hompage was closed due to several arguments and otherreasons between us and Avsim.At the same day, We recived the bad news about Avsim closing our homepage at 21:00 GMT.Of course, immidietly we transfered our site to a temporary host untill we will get a domain.A day later, All top Euroflight members meat in a conversation to discuss about All EuroFlight'sproblems and issues. After a really hard confrontaion between all top EuroFlight members we'vedecided to Split EuroFlight forever.The reasons that we've chosed to do so are that first, EuroFlight's unsucess as an orginized group but mainlybecause our low quality of design skills. That conclution, came from People who told us how bad quality the models are.We decided that its better than an unsuccessful group like EuroFlight to stop exsisting.EuroFlight group from now and on will stop to exsist, This group will not come back online in the future likeProject freeware did and made an outstanding comeback.We are appologizing for all the people who loved this group and for people who loved our models about this desision.All EuroFlight members will keep to work on their projects if they wish, but this time their projects willbe released individually.Painters of EuroFlight will paint projects from now and on as an Individual, and paint what they wish.The contact between all Euroflight members will keep to exsist as far as every member will wish.Members's Activity in FS related forums will be up to them, EuroFlight banners will be removed from their signatureand instead they will make for themselves a personal banner that represents them indivisually if they wish so.We want to thank to the people who helped EFG to reach its position today:James Yardley- Our first CEO which established EFG.Andrew Boyce- Our currect CEO which replaced James after he resigned.Robin Boyce- Our Forum manager.Oliver Minchin- Our webmaster and painter leader which designed EFG's site and painted great paintings.Doeke Bakker- Our former member who built our 737-900 and fokker 100.Kris Lastman (Kristiaan Duivenstein)- Our former member who built the great project of the 757Aviel Nahoum- Our Great painter which painted lots of our models.Yarden Ben-Dor- Our great painter who painted lots of models and helped to master texturise our 757.Alexander Schreijnders-Our great designer who helped Kris with his 757 and began doing lots of superb projects.Simon Bendall- Our great designer who worked more than a year on his superb Trident, Now a dead project.Gleason Ramnarine- Our great designer who almost finished his airbus a330 series project.Robert Versluys- Our former member who designed all the FDE's of our models and helped to build them.Daniel Uma?a- Our designer who was in the middle of a project for Who kindly hosted our group in their server. We are very greatful and Honoured for that.And of course, All the other members we forgot to mention.Now its time to say goodbye, It has been an honour serving flightsimmers online and we hope todo the same as individuals, We are truly Sorry.Thank you all,Best Regaurds,EuroFlight team.

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