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Guest John_Hirsch

An FS2K2 Work-around for Mike Stone's Saab340B (long)

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Here's how to get Mike Stone's FS2K Saab340B to fly with no freeze when gear are raised.First, you need a version of Mike's FS2K Saab340B. Let's select the Northwest Airlink version and download the archive from AVSIM. This version has all the moving parts that one could expect from a FS2K model and it looks great. After the download, unzip the archive to a temporary folder and delete everything EXCEPT the texture folder. That is, save only the texture folder, you won't need anything else from this archive. Rename this texture folder from texture to texture.NWA.Secondly, you need a working FS2K2 Saab340B model. Let's select Radek Brezina's FS2K2 Octavia repaint of Mike's Saab340B and download the archive from AVSIM. This is the same version as the NW Airlink but it has been converted for use with FS2K2. After the download, unzip the archive to the same temporary folder as above. Move the texture.NWA folder into the SF3_8K_0b folder as another subfolder to the aircraft.What you should now have is Brezina's FS2K2 version of Mike's airplane with an additional set of textures for the NW Airlink livery.To get the NW Airlink to function at all times, you need to COPY just two files from the texture.8K-octavia-blue folder into the texture.NWA folder. The two files to copy into the texture.NWA folder are mwheel.bmp and nwheel.bmp.You must now decide whether you want to fly with both versions of the Saab340B or just the NW Airlink version. To keep this simple, let's use only the NW Airlink livery. All we need to do is edit the aircraft.cfg file and remove the texture.8K-octavia-blue folder. Simply replace or add the following lines to the aircraft.cfg file using your favorite text editor.In the section:title=Saab340B Northwest Airlinktexture=NWAatc_id=N107PXatc_airline=Northwestatc_flight_number=340ui_manufacturer=SAABui_type=340Bui_variation=Northwest AirlinkIn the section:atc_model=SF34atc_type=SAABDon't forget to delete the texture.8K-octavia-blue folder.The final two steps are to rename the aircraft folder from SF3_8K_0b to Saab340B and move the Saab340B folder to the main FS2K2 aircraft folder.You're now finished and except for assigning a panel to the aircraft, you should have a FS2K2 working model of the Northwest Airlink Saab340B.

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