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Use of FSX Commercial Products in Prepar3D (P3D)

Last Updated: September 9, 2012

With the continuing advancement of P3D by Lockheed Martin, more flight simulation enthusiasts are experimenting with, if not adopting entirely, this flight simulator. However, there is considerable confusion over which third party products currently available can be used within P3D. Questions such as;

Does my existing End User License Agreement (EULA) allow me to use my product in P3D?
If not, do I need to purchase another license to install it in P3D?
Assuming my EULA allows me to, will my product work in P3D?

The following table supplies data on vendors and products, This information is provided to AVSIM directly by the vendors.

Where EULA's do not allow for porting to P3D, or that an additional license is required to do so, we request that you abide by the vendor's EULA and licensing requirements.

If you are a third party add-on provider, and your company and products do not appear in this table, please send an EMAIL to staff@avsim.com so that we may include your product and license requirements.

FSX Product Porting to P3D Table
Vendor Product EULA Allows EULA Does Not Allow Product Purchase Required Will  Currently Not Work in P3D Web Site Notes
TFDi Design 737 Ultra Sound V2 X       tfdidesign.com  
Aidata Ltd. IdealFlight 10   X X X codelegend.com 2
LivingFS Sceneries / Mesh X       livingfs-net.webs.com 1
Touch Pilot Touch Pilot X       touchpilot.net/ 3
KCFS Seabee X       kcflightshop.com/ 4
Opus Software Ltd. OpusFSX X      
FS++ MCE X       multicrewxp.com/  
Pilotedge Pilotedge X       pilotedge.net/  
RAZBAM Simulations

T2 Buckeye

AV-8B Harrier

- X X   razbamsims.com/ 5





Pete Dowson



X       fsuipc-support-pete-dowson 6
Carenado Latest 15 Products X       carenado.com 3
Alabeo All X       alabeo.com 3
Flight1 Various   X X   flight1.com 7
PMDG     X     precisionmanuals.com/  
ATCSimulator             3
- - - - - - - -



1. Future installers will include ability to install to both.

2. Future product will require purchase for P3D.

3. Product works universally with both products, EULA not applicable.

4. Is allowed to be installed in both simulator programs, but can only reside on one computer.

5. If the product does not have an P3D installer, EULA allows porting from FSX to P3D. Products with P3D installer (currently T2 and AV-8B) require purchase for P3D.

6. License is to the user, not to the simulator. Basic FSUIPC works on either platform without purchase.

7. Some products are sold specifically for use in P3D. Flight1 does not provide support any product not specifically released for P3D for use in P3D.


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