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PMDG Announces B777 Progress and B747-400 Version 2.0!

PMDG today announced the soon to commence BETA testing of their eagerly anticipated B777 and surprised everyone by announcing that the next version of their venerable B747, Version 2.0, will follow shortly thereafter. Both will be released within a month or two of each other.

At the Aerosoft Convention in Munich, Germany, today, PMDG made a presentation in which Rob Randazzo, CEO, reviewed PMDG's development processes since 2008 and explained how PMDG has made some fundamental design decision directions in their evolving product line. At this presentation Rob also presented some of the images you see in this article.

PMDG has historically been known for a development cycle that ranges in a two to three year period. Attendees at Rob's presentation were also surprised to hear that the B777 is within a month or two of BETA testing, signaling a rapidly approaching release date. That will be followed within a month or two by the B747-400 Version 2.0 and its companion 747-8i.

The all new 747-400 package is known as V2.0 and it is based upon the same technology engine currently driving the NGX and the B777. The airframe will remain the venerable PMDG 747-400 that sim enthusiasts around the world know and love. The same high resolution techniques incorporated in the NGX are also incorporated in the 747, and are expected to operate significantly more efficiently. The 748 version will also include the same unique cockpit system.

If you would like to discuss PMDG's announcement and get more information from the PMDG team, you can do so here at the PMDG General Forum (YOU MUST BE REGISTERED AS A FORUM MEMBER TO VIEW AND PARTICIPATE).

More Images (click for larger versions):

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