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  1. Can't figure out how to delete a post< i found what I was looking for. oh well.Sorry!
  2. Hi, I have flown a fair number of flights now but I have never had the "3-PD" option appear on my intial descend from cruise instruction. Do I need to enable it somehow? I couldn't find anything in the manual.Thx.Torsten
  3. Hi Ray,My clearances are more like initial to FL60/70, then something around FL15, then low 20s, then high 20s, then low 30s, then final cruise in high 30s. And of maybe 10-12 flights so far, only once have I been cleared from around FL240 to FL330. Everything else is the aforementioned small-step-climb to cruise.I fly the PMDG 737 as well by the way, and I have switched to lower rate climbs specifically to avoid sitting at my intermediate altitude waiting for RC to give me my next little step.I'll fly more when I have and see what happens.Torsten
  4. Thank you for your comments. I'm actually quite familar with real world ATC so no problem there ;)The "pilot's discretion" on the descent will help but I'll still roll my eyes at the, in my view, excessive step climb for no reason. In the real world you often get 2-4 clearances and you're good to go all the way up.With RC4 I sometimes (not all times) level off at my intermediate flight levels before I get my next clearance. Climb, level off, climb, level off, climb, etc. will make you few friends in the cockpit, hehe.But it's all good, again, thanks for your comments.Torsten
  5. Hi,I recently purchased RC4 and have mixed feelings about it. The thing that annoys me the most is the climb to and descent from cruise ATC instructions. I get step-climbed to cruise every time. For example 6,000, then 12,000, then FL180, then FL240, then FL 280, then 360, then 380. I never ever have been cleared to climb more than 8,000 feet.On the descent, I get descended down 80-100 miles before from my optimum POD. I understand that you can't always stay high until the last minute and I'm all for that realism. But it's step-descend every time. From 380 to 340, then 280, then 240, then 180, etc. Is this constant step-climb and step-descend "as designed" or am I missing a setting here?Thanks for any comment,Torsten
  6. Dear PMDG,I have been flying the PMDG NGs for quie a while now and I always considered them great products. But of course, not being a pilot I always wondered just how real it was.Well, today, I found out. I spend a few hours in a real 737 motion-simulator and I am still amazed at just how familiar I was with everything. Aside from a few expected differences (location of TO/GA button for example) I managed to start the engine, taxi, and perfrom several take-offs and landings. I flew visual and ILS approaches, used VNAV/LNAV, called up FMC pages and functions - the whole nine yards. While it took me a moment to get used to the control forces and such, my take-offs and landings were great. When landing at KSFO, I touched down so softly, I wasn't even sure that I had touched down until the speedbrakes deployed and the nose wheel came down. I kept saying that this was just like "my sim at home" Duh!. More like the other way around, but that's exactly the point. :)To sit down in a full size 737 motion sim and actually knowing what I was doing was just unbelievably cool (and yes, I knew that my 1 engine out-landing at EDDF was.. shall we say "loose"). If I ever hear any of my friend give me a hard time for "doing that flying thing on the computer again," I can actually shut them up :) I liked the PMDG 737 before, but having experienced just how real it is AND how much I knew because of it, was incredible. Thank you so much for putting so much great work in such a great product!
  7. Hi there, How do I increase the size of nav/landing lights? My nav lights on the wing tips are tiiiiny and my nose landing lights aren't any better. I tried editing fx_2.bmp (in phoyoshop) which most nav lights seem to use but I couldn't figure it out. Do I changes the bmp? is it in the .fx file?? Any help would be appreciated!Torsten
  8. Hi,I have a question: Is it possbile to alphabetically sort the flightplans in the FMC? Right now they appear in order they were put in the folder, and it's driving me nuts. The flightplan folder itself is sorted alpabetically, just not once I load up the FMC.Thanks for any help.Torsten
  9. Hey all,Been wondering this for years but now that I've been putting the PMDG 736 through its paces, it's REALLY bugging me and I didn't find an answer on the board.I know what climb and descent rates I can get through the FMC and various autopilot modes. But just because the plane CAN do a 5000ft/min descend (or 10,000ft/min for that matter), what rates are usually used in real life?Yes, I know, weather and weight and SID/STARS but what are average realistic climb/descent rates for the 736. Give me ballpark figure.Thanks!Torsten
  10. Hey all,Here's my problem. I want to assign engine sounds for a DC10. Engine 1 left, engine 2 center and engine 3 right. I have FSedit but the panning option there doesn't do it. What value do I add where to have engine 1 panned to the left, engine 3 to the right and engine 2 centered?Thanks!Torsten
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