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  1.  I was unable to use NAV on the autopilot with the RXP GTN 750. HDG IAS ALT worked fine. The problem is the course flies nearly opposite the direction it is supposed to go. This is highly likely related to XPlane autopilot changes so I wanted to be sure you are aware while XPlane is still in beta. I tested in a couple of helicopters, Tom Woods Bell 429 and Dreamfoil Bell 407 with same result. I was in GPS direct-to mode. I did not have time to test in GA Airplanes. I have a Windows 10 Pro system with XPlane 11.30b2. Appreciate if this could be checked out. Thanks

  2. I also have the same issue. Every zoom is at .40 and if I change one to say .50, all the views in the same group, i.e.On-Board, also change to the new zoom level. The other group, i.e. Outside, will still be at .40 and if changed to say .60, all Presets in that group will be .60. This is in FSX.  Also, the Static Presets seem messed up.

    Thanks, Jim

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