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  1. Finally dad has given in and put the heating on!!!

  2. Can this cold get any worse?!?

  3. Never let the school take your prize money

  4. Off to London on a monday morning :-\

  5. like and i'll write in the morning

  6. High reccommend w will rock you to any with a free night this week. Absolutley brilliant!

  7. Like for confessions

  8. Don't you worryThere's no hurryIt's a lovely day

  9. Milton Jones was great

  10. Yeah of course i've always wanted to spend my time after school when I could be doing homework moving a stupid washing machine around.

  11. Love the definition of my name in the urban dictionary

  12. Yes then, got absolutely nothing to say!

  13. Time for a game of scrabble

  14. Typical, a day off and I wake up at 6 am