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  1. why on earth does @artoffresh only have 116 followers?! go follow my group Art of Fresh NOW!

  2. RT @LiveVisionMgmt: Camp Fire Music @artoffresh I wish G was in this video!

  3. Shout out to all the Toronto Fire Fighters, seems like its been a crazy past few days!

  4. Trying the vegetarian thing for the week and i feel GREAT but I am hungry, ALWAYS...

  5. Looking forward to meeting at performing for Maureen "Ma Dukes" Yancey (J-Dillas Mommy) this Friday in Toronto… (cont)

  6. Pffff..Today's hit music, here today forgotten tomorrow... Where do you go to find GOOD none mainstream music? RT w/link.

  7. Listening to "The Zombies" for melody inspiration... one of my favs

  8. Help save one of this city's most historic and cultural radio stations by signing the petition

  9. RT @uncleshecky: @beatchild you dropped somethin new and I missed it??? Where can I cop???<-- Something Forever [special Edition] Feb 25th

  10. RT @Ang_realist: listening to @beatchild 's Soul Movement. Beautiful *sniff*... <---awww :)

  11. Peep my facebook music page and "like" that bidness!