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  1. I'm at Starbucks in Happy Valley, OR http://gowal.la/c/3VAeu

  2. Holy ###### the columbia river crossing is going to cost more than 3/4 the cost of the burj khalifa.

  3. Two can play at this game.....

  4. And I don't know routers password and router is in a locked box with a lost key.

  5. lol apparently oregonians are envious of washington

  6. Southwest Grounds 81 737s After Emergency | AVIATION WEEK http://t.co/Vjx7tim via @AddThis

  7. Just saw a school bus with a digital panel. Apparently all the buses in the district were 5 years old and got replaced. And ppl wonder abt $

  8. Hmmm firefox 4 is pretty nice. And it doesn't kill my memory. I'll take 10.

  9. Was wondering why it felt like a sauna when I opened the door - I left my 360 on.

  10. OMG Nostalgia The Joys Of A Console's First Moments (via @Kotaku) http://t.co/tjWoIJM

  11. I'm at Starbucks in Milwaukie, OR http://gowal.la/c/3Sw9L

  12. I'm at PDX Portland International in Portland, OR http://gowal.la/c/3Seut

  13. I'm at SEA Seattle-Tacoma International in Seattle, WA http://gowal.la/c/3Sd6a

  14. Here's a pic I took @ DCA Ronald Reagan Washington National http://gowal.la/p/cM4G

  15. I'm at Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington http://gowal.la/c/3S7Q9

  16. Try the vinegar based sauce. @ Dixie Bones in Woodbridge, VA http://gowal.la/h/zzr

  17. I'm at Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in Washington http://gowal.la/c/3RGsT

  18. I'm at Fort Myer PX in Arlington, VA http://gowal.la/c/3REwa

  19. I'm at Praetorian Intelligent Surveillance Solutions in Chantilly, VA http://gowal.la/c/3Rwqd

  20. I'm at Longhorn Steakhouse in Chantilly, VA http://gowal.la/c/3RvyQ

  21. I'm at The National Archives in Washington http://gowal.la/c/3Rqfx

  22. Stuck on train stopped in middle of nowhere track damaged in front of us and my phone batf at 5%

  23. Coffee for the train. @ Dunkin' Donuts http://gowal.la/c/3R5uR

  24. Check out the New Jersey pin I just got with @gowalla http://gowal.la/t/4sw

  25. Check out the Delaware pin I just got with @gowalla http://gowal.la/t/4s1